Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Scientfic Lab w/Freebie

My class had a blast this week.  We began our discussion of the Scientific Method with a beginner lab. 

I recently went to the farm with my little boy, Owen.  I bought 3 pumpkins- 1 for Owen, 1 for my house and 1 for my class.  We had a great time carving our pumpkin at home that I thought it  would be fun to carve in school. 

First(observation)-We observed the pumpkin without opening it. Students drew a picture of the pumpkin and came up with 5 describing words about it.

Next (Hypothesis and Prediction)- Using the hypothesis "What is inside a pumpkin?", students drew a picture of what they thought it looked like inside and predicted how many seeds were inside.  Their guesses were great- anything from 2 seeds to 1,000,000!!!!  For step 3 (experimentation)- students watched the pumpkin being carved and drew what was actually inside. 

Then (Experimentation)- Students used their 5 senses to inspect a plate with the pulp and seeds on it.  We used magnifying glasses and were able to tch and dissect it.  We even brought in a hot plate to make the pumpkin seeds for them to taste.  Some LOVED them, some not-so-much.  BUT, everyone had a blast!

You can find these sheets in my TPT store for FREE!!!  CLICK HERE FOR MY TPT STORE   Just leave me feedback if you like them.  ENJOY!!! and let me know how your students liked the pumpkin experiment. 
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