Monday, October 1, 2012

Constantly writing about dogs....

My kids are always writing about bringing their dog to the park or teaching their dog a new trick or playing fetch.  I thought I would use these stories and interest and turn it into a new mini-unit.  This unit is across all content areas. 


Favorite Breed bar graph and tally chart and 8 extended response word problems

A persuasive writing prompt with generating idea chart, picture and publishing paper.
A complete non-fiction book with cover page, table of contents, drawing page, dog breed page, dog features page, labeled diagram of a dog to complete, dog trick page, persuasive sheet, 5 facts about dogs, and a non-fiction glossary.

Reading- 2 cut and paste sequencing activities, dog vocabulary sheets

Science- Venn diagram comparing humans and dogs, living vs non-living activity sheet.

We are starting this unit on Monday.  I'll post pictures of my class completing this unit.
Click here to see Dog Mini-Unit
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