Thursday, October 11, 2012


I have reached 100 followers on TPT (and close to it on my blog).  In honor of this milestone, I will be giving away one of my favorite units for FREE!!!!  This unit is all about DOGS!!!  This unit will be free from 10 am- 10 pm EST.  ENJOY!

This 40 page unit includes math, writing, reading and science:

Favorite Breed bar graph and tally chart and 8 extended response word problems

A persuasive writing prompt with generating idea chart, picture and publishing paper.
A complete non-fiction book with cover page, table of contents, drawing page, dog breed page, dog features page, labeled diagram of a dog to complete, dog trick page, persuasive sheet, 5 facts about dogs, and a non-fiction glossary.

Reading- 2 cut and paste sequencing activities, dog vocabulary sheets

Science- Venn diagram comparing humans and dogs, living vs non-living activity sheet.

You can download the entire FREE unit HERE.    The only thing I ask is that if you like it, LEAVE FEEDBACK and follow me on TPT for more freebies!!!!
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  1. Hello there! You've been BOO-ed! Thanks for joining me on my new blog and now you can join in on this linky party with me.

    Melissa :)
    First Grade Smiles

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  3. Hi! I just found your blog through Pinterest! I love the name of your blog because I am addicted to paper lips!! I love those things!

    I hate that I missed the freebie! Such a great idea for a math and literacy pack!! Dogs rule! I was away on my honeymoon so it's ok!!!

    I hope you'll check out my manly blog!