Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I completely forgot about Columbus Day

I cannot believe I forgot all about Columbus Day; we even have off that day!!  I have been racking my brain for activities for my kids to do and came up with this cute activitiy pack.  Check it out here

I plan to use my day off to take my son pumpkin picking.  He loves farm animals and making animal noises (he is 1), so we are off to the farm on Monday. 

Let me know how you plan to spend your day off celebrating Columbus.
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  1. So jealous that you get that day off! I don't even think it's a half day for our kids this year. It used to be a teacher work day, but that's next Wednesday instead.

    How fun to take your son pumpkin picking! We're going apple picking in a few weekends (my son is 9 months old).

    Glad that I found your blog! Please stop by mine if you get a chance.
    Don't Let The Teacher Stay Up Late

  2. WHAT!!! I thought everyone had off that day. Sorry to hear that.