Monday, October 22, 2012

Case of The Mondays!

Today my class did a really cool science investigation. We used the template from my Mega Bundle. It was awesome! First, I got a pumpkin at the patch with Owen! I brought one into class!!!

I was shocked how many students in my class NEVER saw a pumpkin before!!!!!!!

We (the teachers) opened the pumpkin with a safety child carver that we got at the dollar store! We read a book about how a pumpkin grows. Each group of students got a plate full of seeds and pieces of pumpkin. Then the students used their 4 senses to describe what was inside the pumpkin. It was so much fun!!!

Coming Soon:

We are going to write a sequencing book about how a pumpkin grows.
We are also going to use our 5th sense of taste to try pumpkin seeds later in the week!

Keep you updated. What activities are you doing in your room for Halloween?
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