Saturday, September 29, 2012

YAY!!!! For the weekend!

This week my students have started getting into the classroom routine. We just finished a place value test in math. They did rather well! =)  I cannot believe that I have already given my first test of the year!  This is going fast!
Every monday has become Math Problem Monday.  We started doing math word problems with extended responses in preparation for the New York State math test in 3rdgrade. Since, everything is being aligned to the common core, things are changing! I am noticing that students are beginning to master topics but are having a difficult time expressing their thoughts with math writing. I am going to have to keep having the students work in their math journals. Check out my 3rd grade extended response journals here. 2nd and 4th also available.
Coming Soon:
We did a poll in my classroom about things we like to write about and an overwhelming response was DOGS! That got me thinking about all the cool things I can do with dogs and make my class motivated. I started writing a DOG unit and it will be posted soon! Unit will include all major content areas.   
Have a wonderful weekend =)
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

AUTHOR'S PURPOSE with a freebie

Well....we have been in school for about 12 days and the students are just settling into routines and procedures.  (This week I will share with you my job chart board and behavior chart.)

My co-teacher and I have started our first mini-unit on REALISTIC FICTION!  We are modeling this with the cute story, Ruby the Copycat.  The students love this story and can relate to it.  This story opened up to a discussion about friendship, being yourself and confidence. 

In addition to reading this story, we have started our guided reading groups and centers.  I have many center activities for sale in my TPT store.  Centers included:  listening center-the students will listen to our current read a loud AGAIN or a book of their choosing, computers to work on Raz-kids, book shopping/partner reading/reading phones and guided reading. 

Our mini-lesson tomorrow will focus on Author's Purpose.  I felt that this story would be a great introduction to why author's write.  We will detail the 3 different categories for authors and decide where Ruby the Copycat would be.  After this, students will work at their tables to sort a basket of books into 3 categories: Persuade, Inform and Entertain.  

Here is a freebie for you to post in your classroom, FIND IT HERE
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Great giveaway

I am excited to participate in a great giveaway, given by Teachers Toolkit.  I have been following her blog for a while, and when asked, I jumped on the opportunity to be in this giveaway.  She is giving away 21 items!!!!  I am giving away my Halloween Math pack. 

Stop over at Teachers Toolkit to enter this awesome giveaway. 

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Rounding Rollercoaster FREEBIE

Rounding can be a nightmare!!!!   Today was the 2nd day on this topic and I knew I needed to change up my teaching.  I compared rounding to a rollercoaster.  The students love to write about their summer trip to Six Flags or Rye Playland, so I figured I would capitalize on that.

Rounding is like a rollercoaster: If you do not make it all the way to the top of the hill, you will fall backwards; If you make it to the top of the hill, you will move forward. 

I made this chart to go along with my analogy. Visit my store for this freebie
If you like this freebie, please leave me feedback  :)

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A non-teaching post

Look at this kid!!!!  I can't believe my little boy is turning 1.  Over the past few weeks, he has become so funny.  He loves to make me laugh- he plays peek a boo like a champ, kisses me and every once in a while will bite me (I do not love that part as much).

So this week I will be VERY busy.  His big birthday party is going to be on Sunday.  He chose a Team Umizoomi birthday party. It is his favorite tv, along with Little Einsteins.  I'll post pictures of his party and all his loot :)

Here he is watching his show. 
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Monday, September 17, 2012

A freebie....for you

I spent days setting up the look of my classroom, and now I am onto procedures.  Should kids have a Homework Folder?? Should they have a Homework Notebook??  Do they need a special place to put notes to the teacher??  Should I collect homework weekly or nightly??


I have decided to have a homework folder, with a homework notebook inside.  Each night students will complete all of their homework in that ONE notebook only.   Every morning, students will unpack and then put their folders on the back table to be checked. Students will have nightly homework in math, reading and word study.  I am working on a weekly homework sheet right now, that I will post when it is ready.

Here is the weekly word study homework sheet.  Use it if you can :)  It can be found in my store for free.  CLICK HERE FOR STORE

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It is NEVER too early for Halloween

I love Halloween more than my birthday.  I love the idea of dressing up, knocking on someone's door and getting candy for it.  This is the first year my son will be dressing up.  I am debating if he should be a hamburger or Spiderman.  He does not really have any hobbies (he is only 1).  He does love the Little Einsteins and Team Umizoomi, but I do not think those would make great costumes. 

I love all of the decorations- spiderwebs, witches, ghosts, etc.  I always decorate my house early, so I can enjoy the decorations as long as possible- same with Christmas.  I decorate my classroom also.  I love to see the kids' faces as they come in and see it all transformed.  I'll post a picture ASAP.

I posted a Halloween Math packet recently and am thrilled to see that people love Halloween as much as I do.  This packet is common core aligned for 2nd and 3rd grade.  Check it out. It includes a sorting activity, graphing activity, place value, measurement, fact triangles, arrays and a lot of subtraction/addition.   Packet can be found in my TPT store, follow the TPT link. 

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My very first post!!!

This is so exciting!  I have finally set up a blog of my own.  I have read so many blogs over the years and now I get to share my own ideas with everyone. 

First things first, Introductions:

My name is Kristin Dammacco.  I am 5th year teacher, teaching in NYC.  This year I am in a brand new school in Queens, NY.  So far, so good :)  

I have been married for 3 years (tomorrow) to my husband, John.  We have a beautiful 1 year old (8 days away), Owen.  I also cannot forget my 6 year old puggle, Walter. 

This year I am in a 3rd grade,  co-teaching classroom.  I have 25 wonderful students, who keep me busy all day long.  This year, I will be blogging about all of the great projects and ideas from my classroom. 

Kristin :)
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