Friday, October 5, 2012

Celebrating Columbus (and a day off) :)

Over the past two days, my class spent a lot of time learning about Christopher Columbus.  We read a mini-book about his adventures and watched a Brain Pop video about him. 

Yesterday, after reading the mini-book,  we spent the day talking about what kind of person he was; what character traits he had.  The students came up with a lot of different ideas:  brave, loyal, courageous, leader...

My FAVORITE answer was:  Christopher Columbus was stinky because he was on the Santa Maria for 70 straight days and did not shower.  HAHAHA  Clever, and maybe true. 

This is the paper we used to complete the character traits.

Today we used Columbus' ships for a math project.  Students were asked to redesign a ship for Columbus after the Santa Maria was wrecked.  Students were able to use their pattern blocks to help them combine 2D shapes for the ship.  They LOVED this idea!!! 

Here are a few examples. 

In writing, we used a graphic organizer to help us create a 1492 Journal.   Students answered questions to guide their thinking like: 
Where were you going?
How many ships do you have?  Draw them.
What is your job on the boat?
What land did you find? Where is it located?
What did you find when you explored?

Students then went on to write a journal entry about the explorations.

Find the complete unit here

Enjoy your day off on Monday. (sorry if you have school)

Kristin :)

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