Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Test prep craziness and a FREEBIE!!

It's about that time.  You know...the time when we switch to test prep mode.  I hate this time of year.  I decided this year to make test prep really fun!!!  We will be using funny stories to practice skills, using great clips from the computer and maybe a mini-unit on book clubs.

I have been going crazy trying to have my students show evidence to back up their answers (in math AND ela).  We have been using the phrase...I know this because....
They have this phrase down and I am going to switch it to "for example..."

More about test prep later...

About my freebie... I have a teaching buddy who I have been with in 2 different schools now.  We used to work together in the Bronx and are now back together again in Queens.  Anyway, she has used to same borders on her bulletin boards for YEARS!!!  These borders haunt my dreams.  When I walked into her room this year in September and saw them on her boards, I almost fell over!!!

Here they are...

So in honor of this friend here is my new freebie- Recycling Fact or Opinion sort.  Grab it here!
As usual, if you download this freebie and like it, please leave feedback.
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  1. I start teaching Fact and Opinion in another two weeks. Thank you.