Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Around the World

During the cyber Monday sale I bought a fanastic unit from Christina Bainbridge on Christmas Around the World.  I used this, partnered with Teachwithmecom's Christmas Around the World Unit to create a mega project for my school's literacy fair.

We used Christina's wonderful powerpoints to gain knowledge about each country and the students worked in pairs to complete a new sheet that I created.  After all of the countries were completed, students made a venn diagram comparing two of the countries together.

When everything was completed, we put the projects into ADORABLE travel suitcase from's website.  The suitcase was made from an empty cereal box.

We decorated the front with stickers and decorations from  We added a cute Class 307 tag to the front.

Next, we added file folders to the front to make it look like the suitcase opened.  We added a passport, boarding pass and a map of all the countries we visited through the powerpoints.  (all of these materials and directions are on

The next few pages had the worksheet that we used to write about our countries and how they celebrate Christmas.  Each page asked the students to draw the flag of the country, special facts about their holiday and when it is celebrated. 

The last page had a venn diagram comparing and contrasting two countries to each other.   We learned that some countries used fireworks to celebrate or had special desserts.  Many countries also celebrated the 3 Wise Men.

Hope you enjoyed our project and I highly recommend both of the sites we used to make our project.
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  1. WOW!! What wonderful resources! Thanks for sharing!!
    susan in nc

  2. What a great project! We just finished up a unit on immigration; I think I'll use the suitcase idea for next year's culminating project!